So you want to make some lampshades, what size lampshade frames do you need?

What size lampshade frame for which base? 

In this post I'm going to give you the low down on which size lampshade frames work for different kinds of bases. Lots of people have asked me for guidance on lampshade dimensions and diameters so I hope this will be really helpful info for everyone. 

Let's look at it using pictures - feel free to Pin these pics to Pinterest so you can refer back to them later. 

Small table lamp

These small table lampshades are the size we make at the 3Chooks Lampshade Making Workshops. They are 20cm in diameter and 23cm in height. A sweet size for a bedside table, desk or table lamp. The shades above were made by my workshop students at the Handmakers Factory in Melbourne.

This table lamp features a 20cm diameter lampshade with 25cm height. Made by me.

Medium drum table lamp

This pair of matching lampshades above are 30cm in diameter and 23cm in height. Custom made for my Mum by me. 

Another drum table lamp 30cm in diameter and 23cm in height - made by a gorgeous 3Chooks customer using the 30cm Lampshade Kit

Beautiful table lamp on a vintage base made by one of workshop students Briar - 30cm diameter and 23cm height. 

Large drum table lamp

A custom made shade with French vintage bases made for Julia by me. 35cm diameter, 30cm height. 

The taller lampshade on this amazing vintage base suits it really well. Here I used 30cm diameter rings, and the shade is approx 40cm tall. 

Standard Lamps

Made by re-purposing an existing lampshade, this standard lamp features an empire shade with a 40cm base ring, and 35cm top ring. The overall height is approx 28cm. 

This versatile shade could be used as a lampshade for a standard lamp, or a hanging pendant. It has 40cm diameter rings and is 25cm tall.

40cm diameter lampshade frame and 30cm tall. 


By adding a little height to this 40cm diameter shade the full repeat of the fabric has been utilised. This shade is 40cm in diameter and 32cm in height. 

Again the extra height in this stunning shade - made my 3Chooks customer Erin Lewis Fitzgerald. This shade uses 40cm rings and stands 35cm tall. 

Pendant Lights

Here you can see that I'm half way through making this 40cm pendant or standard lamp lampshade. 40cm diameter and 30cm height. 

In this beautiful home we made four matching 20cm pendant lampshades and hung them around the room. The smaller size here creates a more subtle overall effect letting those AMAZING chairs be the hero of the design in this room. 

Your turn to make lampshades

Ok, over to you. What kind of lampshades do you have in mind for your home? Get your thinking cap on, find some GORGEOUS fabric and head over to our SHOP to get started transforming the lighting in your home...

Thanks for reading! 

Love Anna xo

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  • Hi Anna, I’m looking to repurpose some existing empire lampshades. (They are often easy to pick up at Op Shops for $5). Could you advise me how to calculate the cutting of the lampshade paper and fabric please. Is there a blog that answers that question?

    Penny Wolf

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