Lampshade Frames

Lampshade Frames

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Use these quality lampshade frames to make drum lampshades. Each ring set contains one fitted ring and one plain ring for making your own drum shaped lampshades.

Please note we are transitioning from powder coated rings to uncoated rings which has also resulted in LOWER PRICES. As we transition prices will be adjusted. To read more about this please read our latest blog.

Made in Australia with quality steel. Your lampshades will be stronger and last longer than inferior imports. 

Standard vs Euro Washer

The standard washer fitting measures 28mm. A Euro washer fitting measures 41mm. Please check the measurement on your lampholder to ensure correct sizing. 

Self-Standing Lampshade Frames

In stock - we have ring sets with legs and rubber feet, no need for a base, just screw in an assembled cord set (as pictured). 

It's Not Here

Can't find the size you're after? Please contact me to place a custom order.  

Replacement Lamp Shades

Are you looking for a replacement lamp shade for an existing lamp? If you have the original shade measure the diameter of the rings and the height of the shade. 


How Much Lampshade Paper Will I Need? 

This table will help you work out how much lampshade paper you should order to suit your project needs. 


                             Lampshade Paper required                Fabric required                               

Diameter              Length          Height                            Length                 Height

20cm / 8”          66cm            you decide                     70cm                    Lampshade Height + 5cm

30cm / 12”        98cm            you decide                     100cm                   Lampshade Height + 5cm

40cm / 16”        132cm          you decide                      135cm                   Lampshade Height + 5cm

50cm / 20”       164cm          you decide                      166cm                   Lampshade Height + 5cm


Also, don't forget to check out this useful 20 minute tutorial - how to make drum lampshades...easy!