3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit

3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit

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Use the 3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit to create unique lampshades.

Our lampshade kits are available in a range of sizes - with diameters of 20cm, 25cm 30cm, 35cm, 40cm and 50cm create table lamps, bedside lamps, hanging pendants and more.

Gooseneck Kits now available - please choose 'gooseneck' from the 'height' drop down menu.

Make matching lampshades using our double kits

Here at 3Chooks we are passionate about helping creative people learn the art of lampshade making. We do this by sharing our expert knowledge so that our customers connect, learn a new skill, and gain the ability to create affordable lighting at home with any choice of fabric.


Use this quick 20 minute tutorial alongside the 3Chooks Lampshade Kits to make beautiful original lampshades. This video takes you step by step through the lampshade making process...it couldn't be easier! 

Check out this quick video to see a lampshade being made from start to finish using our Lampshade Making Kits - timelapse style. 


1. What The Professionals Use

Our lampshade paper is

  • Engineered for lampshade making
  • Anti-static - its dust resistant which means less cleaning...hip hip hooray!
  • UV stable - won't discolour or yellow over time
  • Flame retardant - has passed the Glow Wire Test by the Lighting Association
  • Safe to use - no need for spray adhesives with nasty fumes, plus its flame retardant
  • Dent resistant - if you accidentally bump it, its not going to dent, keeping your lampshade in good shape for longer
  • Easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth, or to remove sticky adhesive wipe with a tiny drop of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil and it comes straight off with no residue left behind. 
  • Easy to use - peel back the release paper and laminate to any fabric
  • Easy to handle - 70cm width makes it easy to handle on any normal dining or trestle table
  • Long Lasting - being UV stable, dent resistant and easy to clean this product will give you the joy of lamp light for many years to come
  • Easy to measure and cut - using the grid-lined release paper its easy to cut with normal scissors or a rotary cutter
  • If you make a mistake, you have another chance - if you accidentally laminate your fabric crooked, don't worry, you have another chance - carefully peel it off and stick it back on your fabric one more time.  

2. Quality Ring Sets

Australian made quality lampshade frames ensure a strong finished product unlike inferior imports.

3. High Tac Craft Glue

Fast drying high tac craft glue by Helmar is Australian made, lasts longer than tape, and is super easy to use.

4. Easy To Follow Instructions

Beautifully presented simple step-by-step instructions with clear descriptive photos.

5. Cotton Tape

Binding your rings with cotton tape ensures a professional finish and ease of use with your glue.

6. Cute And Fun Packaging

Delight in design that brings joy and excitement, pleasure and fun!

7. Choose A Fabric You Adore

With endless possibilities create the lampshades of your dreams. Try fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, feathers, glitter...anything! (NB: fabric not included)



  1. Create new lampshades with your choice of fabric
  2. Revamp old / broken / mouldy / dusty lampshades you've got lying around the house or hidden away in the attic
  3. Make lampshades as gifts - birthdays, Christmas, thank you gifts
  4. Make themed lampshades - a fishing lamp for Dad, a unicorn lamp for your daughter/niece, a Star Wars lamp for the fan
  5. Make lamps to perfectly match your style - bedside lamps that go beautifully with your new bedspread, a pop of colour in your living room to set off your favourite painting
  6. Feature incredible fabrics in your home without having to spend a fortune. Lampshades require a surprisingly small amount of fabric to make, instead of spending thousands to recover a lounge, spend a fraction of that making a lampshade that will highlight the fabric and last longer too.
  7. Re-capture some time for yourself to relax, make beautiful handmade crafts, and simply enjoy the moment



How big will my finished lampshade be?

Your lampshade will be 23cm tall with a diameter matching the size you purchase - 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm or 50cm. 

You can choose to increase your shade height up to 30cm or 40cm - please specify the height in the drop down menu.

We can also put together custom Kits with your choice of height for the lampshade or with European washer fittings (41mm instead of the standard 28mm). Contact us for a quote to fit your purposes.



  • Wire Ring Set - one plain ring, one fitted ring (28mm washer fitting)
  • Cotton Tape
  • Lampshade Paper Cut To Size 
  • Helmar Craft Glue 50ml
  • Step-By-Step Full Colour Instructions


Matching Lampshades

If you'd like to make two matching lampshades select a double kit - you will receive one kit with everything you need to make two matching shades. 


Gooseneck Lampshades

For gooseneck kits, your lampshade will be 9cm diameter at the fitting end, 20cm diameter at the larger end, 22cm tall on the longest side, and 13cm tall on the shortest side... Check out this blog for the gooseneck tutorial video, photos and written instructions.

Gooseneck lampshade shape


Watch this video to learn how to perfectly roll your lampshade edges. 

Not sure?

Love the lampshade kits but feeling a little apprehensive?

Sometimes people are a little anxious about giving a new craft a go. Would you prefer to learn in a relaxed, small group environment? Perhaps our Lampshade Making Workshops are for you?



A note about our packaging

Note: Our 20cm and 30cm kits come gorgeously packaged in the boxes pictured. Larger sizes including 35cm, 40cm and 50cm Kits will be packaged in recycled cardboard packaging.



"I love my lamp. I love the finished product; it's really professional and people comment on it when they visit.

It was also surprisingly easy. Your instructions were great and although I found it fiddly to poke in the edges, it actually worked well and there's been no fabric astray in all this time (over 9 months).

I'd definitely recommend the kits and would like to do more when I have time. I ended up running the fabric sideways to avoid having a sewn seam to get sufficient width for the circumference.

Thanks for a fabulous product."  Elspeth

To read more about Elspeth's restoration project check it out in the Blog

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