This is a list of frequently asked questions that I get asked about lampshade making on a daily basis. Hopefully some of your questions will be answered here too. If you do have a question not answered below, feel free to email me and I will be happy to help.

First up, the all important question... How do I make a lampshade?

3Chooks is currently giving away free instructions on how to make lampshades from fabric. Sign up to 3Chooks and we’ll email you beautiful full colour tried and tested instructions, full of detailed how-to photographs in a straight-forward step-by-step process.

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If you don't want to sign-up, that's totally fine - you can also purchase our instructions as a PDF file here.

Or you can use this quick 20 minute video tutorial to learn how to make drum lampshades: 


What size lampshade should I make?

Let me ask you a question here. What is the lampshade for? For a sweet bedside lamp I would go with an 8” shade, or if you like things oversized then a 12” bedside lamp. For a table lamp you could go with either 8” or 10”. A standard lamp (that is a lamp that stands alone on the floor with a tall stand) I would always start at 14” - 16". For hanging pendants (lampshades that hang from the ceiling) you can use all the sizes in varying quantities. For example, you might have three matching 8” shades hanging along the top of a counter. A bedroom might feature two matching 12” or 16” hanging pendants, or just one 20” pendant in a bedroom will have a fantastic impact.

Another thing to consider when deciding what size to make is do you have a base already? There are a few design principles when deciding your lampshade height and diameter…that is not to say rules can’t be broken, because they certainly CAN! So if you have a short squat base, your lampshade should be about the same width/diameter as the base and the shade should be twice as high as the base. If you have a tall table lamp base your shade should be twice as wide as the width of the base and half as high…make sense?


Will the 3Chooks fitted ring fit on my existing base?

The 3Chooks Lampshade ring sets are fitted with a 28mm washer - this is standard for Australia. You can also purchase our ring sets with a Euro washer - the standard European washer size is 41mm.

Measure the diameter of the lamp holder where you unscrew the screw-on cap, if it is 27mm or slightly less it will work fine with a standard ring set. If it is around 40mm, you will need the Euro ring set. If you are unsure, you can order the wider Euro ring set with a reducer ring so you have flexibility. Please leave a note on your order f you require a reducer ring.

If your lamp base needs another size fitting, please contact me via email to discuss your custom-made requirements.


How do I attach the lampshade to my base?

Have a look at where the light globe fits into the base. Just underneath will be a tapered cylinder shaped screw-on cap. Make sure your lamp is unplugged, remove the light globe, unscrew the cap, place your lampshade over the screw, then replace the screw-on cap, then your light globe. Switch it on…Voila!


Can I use the kit to make a pendant shade?

Yes! A pendant shade is one that hangs from the ceiling. To make a pendant you simply make your lampshade with the fitted ring as the top ring, and the plain ring as the bottom ring. Be sure your fitted ring is inverted into the shade so that the washer fitting is positioned inside the shade and not poking out.


I want to make a different shape. Are the instructions the same? Do you sell the kits?

The short answer is yes…the instructions are the same and I can create a custom kit to make empire shaped shades, also known as tapered shades, or you might even describe it as making a conical shade. Email me for a quote.

A few things to note: A tapered shade is made using an arc shaped template of lampshade paper. This results in more waste (of lampshade paper, and fabric) and increased cost. Striped fabrics or fabrics where the pattern needs to remain horizontal do not work well on tapered shades (because the fabric will also be cut in an arc shape). 


Can I buy lampshade making supplies wholesale?

Yes! Please email me with your business name and ABN and I will set you up with all the wholesale info. Minimum orders required.


Can I stock your products in my retail store or online store?

Yes! 3Chooks DIY Lampshade Kits are retail ready and beautifully presented in eco-friendly packaging. Please email me for further details.


How do I measure a lampshade?

The diameter is the longest distance inside the circle. The height is the distance between the top and bottom ring. The fitting height is the vertical distance from the base of the lampshade to the fitted washer ring. 3Chooks standard measurements are diameters of 8”, 12”, 16” and 20” with a 2” fitting height. The height of your lampshade is entirely up to you. The 3Chooks DIY Kits will make lampshades with a 23cm height.


Can you teach me how to make lampshades?

I would love to! Visit my workshops page for upcoming dates or contact me for a private class.


Can I use the 3Chooks instructions to make other types of shades?

These instructions will show you how to make cylinder shaped or drum lampshades and you can adjust them to make tapered or empire lampshades, too.

However, they will not show you how to make old-fashioned pleated shades or bell shaped shades or tiffany shades. There are plenty of tutorials online for those - have fun exploring!


More questions?

I’m happy to answer your lampshade making questions if I can. Please email me and I will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.