Instructions - How To Make A Lampshade

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Full colour tried and tested instructions with clear descriptive photos and illustrations. These instructions teach you how to make a drum lampshade (a cylinder shaped fabric covered lampshade). When you purchase these instructions you will be emailed a high quality PDF version of the instructions to print at home. 


Want to make larger lampshades?

Adjust the measurements in the instructions for larger lampshades as follows:


                             Lampshade Paper required                Fabric required                               

Diameter              Length          Height                            Length                 Height

20cm / 8”          66cm            you decide                     70cm                    Lampshade Height + 5cm

30cm / 12”        98cm            you decide                     100cm                   Lampshade Height + 5cm

40cm / 16”        132cm          you decide                      135cm                   Lampshade Height + 5cm

50cm / 20”       164cm          you decide                      166cm                   Lampshade Height + 5cm