Cotton Tape (by the metre)

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We use 12mm cotton tape to bind all our lampshade rings. Binding the rings creates a better surface to roll and glue your lampshades so that fabric sticks to fabric, rather than slippery metal rings trying to glue to fabric.

Binding your rings with quality cotton tape will give you a more professional finish. 


How to bind your rings

  1. Take your fitted and plain rings and your cotton tape. Start with your plain ring.
  2. You’ll notice the cotton tape is cut on an angle, put a small dab of glue on the end of the tape and line up the angle of the tape with the edge of the ring.
  3. Wind the tape around the ring, the whole way around, keeping it tight - no need to overlap. The more angle you have the better. Hold it tight with a finger and thumb as you go and use the other hand to wind.
  4. When you reach the other end, trim the tape to size and add another dab of glue to the end and glue it to the ring, just overlapping the beginning of the tape.
  5. Repeat on the fitted ring.

Problem solver: If the cotton tape seems too short, you haven't used enough of an angle when winding it. Unwrap it and start again trying to maintain the angle set from the diagonal cut at the beginning of the cotton tape.