Where Can I Buy Lampshade Paper? And What Is It Anyway?

What is lampshade paper?

Lampshade Paper Adhesive Styrene 70cm wide Sold by the metre

Lampshade paper is the plastic stuff you see on the inside lining of lampshades. Many commercial factory made lampshades are made with a plastic backing and spray adhesive. While this is effective in a controlled factory environment (although I would not want to work there in all those fumes and chemicals), this method is neither safe or simple for smaller operations like 3Chooks, crafters and lampshade enthusiasts.

That's why lampshade paper was invented. It is a plastic or styrene with one adhesive side covered in release paper. Its easy to use, involves no fumes, can be used in rolls or just small pieces depending on the project and is easy to measure and cut.

Lampshade paper is continually improving with new technology. The latest lampshade paper available is Anti Static, UV Stable, and Flame Retardant. Engineered for lampshade making, it is dent resistant, easy to clean and most important of all safe to use.

How Do I Use Lampshade Paper?

Lampshade paper is easy to use. Just remove the release paper (which has a grid for easy cutting) and laminate your fabric to the self adhesive side.

Follow these easy steps for a great result, every time.

Step 1:

Lay your beautifully ironed fabric right side down on clean flat surface. Lay your lampshade paper (cut to size) on top of your fabric, ensuring you have at least 1.5cm excess fabric along the long edges.

How to use lampshade paper step 1

Step 2:

Make sure your fabric is right side down on the table and your lampshade paper has the release paper facing the wrong side of the fabric.

how to use lampshade paper step 2

Step 3:

Carefully peel back the corner of release paper away from the lampshade paper. Peel back and tuck under the lampshade paper.

How to use lampshade paper Step 3

Step 4:

Keeping your fabric and lampshade paper lined up (ensuring you maintain your 1.5cm excess fabric edges), press the lampshade paper down onto the fabric, smooth it down.

How to use lampshade paper step 4

Step 5:

Continue peeling and pressing your lampshade paper onto your fabric, a little at a time, smooth it as you go.

How to use lampshade paper Step 5

Step 6:

Continue peeling and pressing all the way to the end. Smooth the whole piece with your hands, flip your fabric and lampshade paper over, check for bubbles or creases and smooth out with your hands some more.

Other names for Lampshade Paper

Lampshade paper is also known as styrene, adhesive styrene, adhesive lampshade paper, lampshade backing paper, lampshade styrene backing, styrene lampshade liner, or pressure sensitive styrene for lampshades.

Really, its all the same stuff. What's great about our 3Chooks lampshade paper is it comes in 70cm width rolls, cut to any length you require. So its easy to manoeuvre on a normal size dining or trestle table. The release paper is grid-lined for easy measuring and cutting - believe me - this saves so much time! 

Why should I use 3Chooks Lampshade Paper?

What's so good about our lampshade paper I hear you ask? Our lampshade paper is

  • Engineered for lampshade making
  • Anti-static - its dust resistant which means less cleaning...hip hip hooray!
  • UV stable - won't discolour or yellow over time
  • Flame retardant - has passed the Glow Wire Test by the Lighting Association
  • Safe to use - no need for spray adhesives with nasty fumes, plus its flame retardant
  • Dent resistant - if you accidentally bump it, its not going to dent, keeping your lampshade in good shape for longer
  • Easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth, or to remove sticky adhesive wipe with a tiny drop of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil and it comes straight off with no residue left behind.
  • Easy to use - peel back the release paper and laminate to any fabric
  • Easy to handle - 70cm width makes it easy to handle on any normal dining or trestle table
  • Long Lasting - being UV stable, dent resistant and easy to clean this product will give you the joy of lamp light for many years to come
  • Easy to measure and cut - using the grid-lined release paper its easy to cut with normal scissors or a rotary cutter
  • If you make a mistake, you have another chance - if you accidentally laminate your fabric crooked, don't worry, you have another chance - carefully peel it off and stick it back on your fabric one more time.

Seriously, this is a fantastic product. I use for EVERY lampshade I make. Got a question? Please send me an email, I'm more than happy to help.

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  • Thank you for this article. I wanted to know if I could apply decorative papers to the lampshade paper? Some of the papers I want to put on a lampshade are just too fragile. I am on the other side of the world but I have been to Australia we (me and my husband) loved it. It is so beautiful and the people are so friendly and kind. Again, thank you for the article. :)) Kathy

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