Tutorial: Perfectly Rolled Lampshade Edges Every Time

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Perfectly Rolled Lampshade Edges Every Time

In lampshade making this is the one thing that will give your lampshades a professional finish....every time!

I've made a little video so you can learn how to professionally roll your lampshade edges. The trickiest part of making a lamp shade is creating neat, perfectly rolled edges. Watch this video for a step-by-step instructable and you'll be rolling perfect edges in no time.

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Happy lampshade making! 

Love Anna 


  • Thanks for this informative video Anna. Good to see the tucking in action.
    One comment on video production- no need for background music. It competed too much with the lovely local bird song and the essential message from you.

  • Hi there,
    I have found it much easier (and less messy) to use double sided tape on the rings, rather than cotton tape, glue and pegs. Just wondering why you use the latter over the double sided tape?

    Kind regards,

    Suzanne Burt

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