TUTORIAL - How to make a drum lampshade with full step by step 20 min video

Lampshade making made easy

So you want to make a lampshade? It is seriously just so easy! All you need are a few quality supplies, a small piece of fabric you adore, some tools you already have at home, a bit of patience and a couple of hours. 

This 20 min video will guide you step by step through the process. You can make designer lampshades at a fraction of the cost. Choose a fabric you love, wallpaper that pops, even paper will do the trick...this video shows you how to make a lampshade using fabric. 

Getting Started

1. Choose what size lampshade you'd like to make

3Chooks offers kits in a range of sizes for drum lampshades including diameters of 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm as well as gooseneck lampshade kits. All the kits come at a standard height of 23cm. If you like to make a taller shade you can either customise your kit, or order the supplies you need individually including lampshade paper (also known as adhesive styrene), lampshade frames or ring sets as I like to call them, cotton tape, and high quality craft glue from Helmar Australia. 

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2. Choose your fabric

Choosing a fabric can be hours of fun! Check out my blog on Australian fabric designers that I love. 

Generally I recommend using natural fibres to make your lampshades like cotton, linen and hemp. I avoid using silk to make lampshades as I've found that it can bubble badly using lampshade paper. 

3. Gather a few tools from around the house

You'll also need 

  1. a clean flat surface to work on
  2. an iron and ironing board
  3. about 10 to 15 pegs
  4. a 30cm ruler
  5. a pencil
  6. a small round ended knife or similar

Now grab your Lampshade Kit and ....

3. Watch the video

Watch this quick 20 minute tutorial and you'll be ready to make lampshades to your hearts content! 

Perhaps you'd also like a written copy of the 3Chooks lampshade making instructions - download them here right now. 

Happy lampshade making! 


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  • Hi Anna I deleted my spread sheet accidentally which had the tape lengths for each size shade are you able to tell me them or the equation will be ok too. Hope all’s well with you.

    Annie Giffard

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