Lampshade Making Tips From A Professional - how to make lampshades from scratch

First Download Your Free Instructions

First of all - download your free lampshade making instructions here

Then Read These Helpful Tips

Great! So you've got your free instructions. Now here are a few extra tips to really get that professional finish down pat.

  1. Iron your fabric really really well. Iron it, hold it up to the light / sunshine and make sure there are no sneaky creases, then iron it again! 
  2. When binding your rings with the cotton tape, the flatter the bind, the better. If its all bumpy, undo it and try again. 
  3. Be patient with the glue - don’t try and work with the glue as soon as you apply it, wait around 30 seconds for it to go tacky and it will be so much easier to work with. 
  4. Remember to clean off any smooshed glue after each gluing section - every time you glue a section of the fabric, once you have tucked it in, make sure you run your finger / thumb along the inside of the lampshade paper to ball up any excess glue. Just gently rub it with your finger or thumb and it will ball up and easily be removed. If you wait until you’ve made the whole shade and then come back to do the clean up, the glue will be rock hard and impossible to remove. Timing is key here. 
  5. A little chisel or small rounded butter knife is really handy for tucking the fabric in. 
  6. Watch my little YouTube videos for extra tips.

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