Gooseneck mid century lamp updated with new lamp shades featuring fabric by Ink & Spindle

Gooseneck Lamp - Mid Century Lamp

"At last! I have made the shades for my gooseneck lamp! The video clips that you made to accompany the written instructions were so helpful! I used fabric from Ink & Spindle and we ended up loving this design so much that we made both shades the same.

I've attached some photos that tracked my progress and the final product,
we're thrilled with how they turned out." Carrie

Thank you so much to the lovely Carrie for sharing her process with us all. I recently uploaded a new tutorial - How to make gooseneck lampshades - which features a 19 minute video showing step by step, how to create your own gooseneck lampshades at home using the 3Chooks Lampshade Making Kits

How she did it

After sourcing some spectacularly beautiful fabric from Australian fabric designers Ink & Spindle, Carrie set about making her shades. Here are a few action shots of her process. 

Making gooseneck lampshades

Gathering materials - two sets of rings, lampshade paper templates, cotton tape, glue and stunning fabric - ready to get started. (You can get started too by ordering a Gooseneck Double Kit)

Making gooseneck lampshades - ironing the Ink & Spindle fabric

Ironing the gorgeous fabric to perfection. Newbies PLEASE note: take the extra time to iron your fabric absolutely perfectly - your finish will be soooooo much better. 

Making gooseneck lampshades - attaching the lampshade paper

Attaching the lampshade paper to the fabric...gooseneck shades have a funny little template - available here if you need some? 

Making gooseneck lampshades - attaching the rings

Beautifully rolled edges - well done Carrie! And waiting for the joining seam to set. Using a ruler really helps with this to ensure a perfectly flat finish. 

The finished product

Making gooseneck lampshades - trying them on

Ta daaa! 

Making gooseneck lampshades - finished with the lights on

And with the lights on .... just gorgeous! Congratulations Carrie - your new lamp is absolutely beautiful. I hope you enjoy it for many many years to come! 

"The shades were so much fun to make, I've been so busy with work lately it was nice to be able to sit down and do something creative with my hands for once!" Carrie

Learn how to make gooseneck lampshades

Would you like to learn this skill - check out my free tutorial here - includes a step by step video, written instructions and photos.


Happy lampshade making!


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Hi,
    I’ve been making some shades for family and friends and loving it. I’ve made a shade for my daughter in Ink and Spindle fabric and it bubbled. I thought using an iron on steam setting may have caused it so I attempted again – same. I do love their fabric and made a pair for my son and his partner and they seem to be ok. I made a large one for myself and it has some bubbles, then yesterday made one for a friend and it was perfect last night. This morning it has bubbles.
    I’ve used all Ink and Spindle but different fabrics and it’s becoming expensive. Do you have any suggestions. I did ask them and they said they don’t make the shades there.
    I’m so disappointed. I’ve asked at a forum and had different solutions.
    Wash fabric first
    Don’t wash fabric first
    Don’t stretch the fabric when ironing
    Use a hairdryer to get rid of bubbles

    Hope you can shed some light.
    Thank you.


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