Change is afoot, better for the environment, and more affordable for you

This post is to let you know of a change to our product offering here at 3Chooks.

The two main messages of this post are:

  • We are transitioning out of powder coated lampshade frames. We are now offering frames without powder coating.

  • The new uncoated rings and frames are available now at a lower price. 

30cm diameter lampshade frame ring set

30cm Ring Set 

Some of my reasons for doing this are:

  • Following my research I’ve found that the powder coating is in fact plastic and only provides an aesthetic finish for internal uses.

  • The powder coating process involves heating of 150 degrees celsius to melt the particles, and a further heating of 200 degrees celsius to set the powder coat to its hard and shiny finish. The extra power, resources and equipment for this process (which is only aesthetic) is an unnecessary use of precious resources.

  • In order to decarbonise our supply chain and reach net zero emissions we all need to be a part of the solution and this is a step in that direction for 3Chooks.

  • Some people have been asking will the rings rust without the powder coating, especially in salty environments like the seaside. I have had a long chat with my manufacturer about whether the uncoated rings will rust by the seaside and he is of the opinion that they won't. For those who are worried about it, there are a couple of options.

  1. The first would be to run a damp cloth over the exposed wires once or twice a year to wipe off any salt.
  2. The second option is the rings can be painted (with house paint) to seal them. Another of the factory's customers paints only the visible washer and connecting struts, leaving the hoop unpainted, as it is covered by the process of making the lamp.
Personally I am confident the uncoated rings will be fine and am not planning to paint any that I make. I also live by the sea and have had many uncoated plain rings hanging in my studio for years and years and none have any evidence of rust. My feeling is that the white powder coating is purely aesthetic, particularly for indoor purposes.

    50cm Ring Set

    In line with my personal environmental principles, I’ve decided to transition away from plastic where possible.

    • Already you may have noticed we only use recycled boxes to send out parcels
    • We have cardboard tubes with no plastic end caps to post the lampshade paper

    • We do not use plastic tape but rather a paper tape.

    • Our satchels are 100% compostable and also re-useable - please when you get a satchel in the post cut along the dotted line (rather than ripping it open) and you can re-use it again and again. When it is no longer useable you can pop it in your compost heap where it will break down naturally.

    • We re-use and re-purpose packaging materials that we receive from other suppliers (if you receive any plastic packaging from us, it has been re-purposed)

    • We encourage all our customers to re-use their existing lamp bases and rings and frames to discourage unnecessary 'new' items.

    • Our studio is run on solar power, supported by the grid when needed using only 100% renewable energy.

    • We have a bokashi composting system to compost all our fruit peelings, tea bags, food waste.

    • When we visit the cafe down the street we take along our own plates and cups to use.

    20cm Ring Set

    Our lampshade paper (which is made of plastic) is an obvious exception at the moment. I haven’t found a suitable replacement yet. Hopefully the industry will present a good solution around that in the short to medium term. In the meantime, our lampshade paper is such an excellent product that will last many years as a lampshade and I feel it is the best option we currently have for making beautiful lampshades. I am committed to finding a better way.


    40cm Ring Set

    The good news is that the new rings without powder coating will also be a lower price which seems unusual in our current world where being environmentally friendly usually ends up being more expensive. Not so in this case! Yay!

    To view the new pricing click here

    Gooseneck Ring Set 


    • I’m so happy to read you have come up with environmental changes and on the lookout to find a better solution for the paper. When I decided to make my own shades I became hesitant when I found out I needed a plastic product. I thought maybe I’m better off covering the old shades with fabric instead. I am wanting to upcycle some old lamps I have and offer them in my Etsy shop to entice people to shop secondhand decor instead of adding to the landfill problem. I will definitely be purchasing from you because of your sustainable ethos.

      Best wishes

    • Well done on the changes you are making to help our environment. We all need to do our bit, no matter how small or large, it is the only way our world will be here for our kids and grandkids.


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