6 Custom Made Lampshades By Clever Chooks

Look what 3Chooks customers have been making using my lampshade kits and supplies

One thing I'll never tire from is receiving emails from my wonderful 3Chooks customers to show me what they have been creating using my lampshade making supplies and lampshade kits.

DIY lampshades are really so easy to make - especially when you use high quality supplies and easy step by step instructions. You just need a little patience, a fabulous fabric and a can-do attitude.

A very Clever Chookie - Kim ;-)

One of my customers, Kim, has been a very busy and Clever Chookie over the last few months and I'd love to showcase some of her fantastic work both for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Kim attended my lampshade making class at Sew Make Create on 19 June 2016 and later sent me an email saying:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class on Sunday and the ease with which you presented the class.  I have a BA in Adult Education, so please take my comments as high praise."

Thank you so much Kim, your lovely compliment means the world to me! I really do enjoy teaching the classes. When you are doing something you love, teaching it is so easy.

Along with her side venture of creating totally unique hoodies for the ski and snowboard industry Kim is now also a very accomplished lampshade maker!

Some of Kim's unique custom lampshades

Kimono Lampshade

This gorgeous 20cm drum shade was made by Kim using the sleeve of a disassembled antique Japanese kimono. "I have a fascination with Japan and its fabrics", she says. "Hence I've framed many of the (mostly) antique pieces I gathered. I learnt picture framing over 20 years ago, originally to preserve some embroidery pieces of my Great Uncle's and I continue to frame to this day."

Vintage kimono drum lampshade 3Chooks lampshade making

Deer Lampshade

Kim's son-in-law is a deer hunter, and whilst she doesn't necessarily agree with what he does she's tried to think creatively to create an effective design that is meaningful for its intended recipient. The black motif over the printed repeat is a clever technique don't you think?

deer lampshade 3Chooks learn how to make lampshades

Butterfly lampshade with matching frilly cushion

These beautifully made gifts are for Kim's very lucky little grand daughter. I know these will be absolutely treasured. I would love to see the look on her face when she opens these.

Also featured in this shot is another of Kim's beautifully framed Japanese antiques and her beloved dog LollyPop. 

custom floral lampshade with matching frilled cushion 3Chooks make a lampshade

40cm pendant lampshade

This 40cm hanging pendant shade was made by Kim to hang in her laundry ... yes her laundry! How fabulous to have something so beautiful to admire when you're doing the ironing. And I love Kim's use of brown edging trim here, it gives an extra lift to the fabric and draws the eye to the larger brown flowers in the print.

40cm pendant lampshade drum ceiling light 3Chooks lampshade making supplies

A far out little lamp for a happy hippy baby

This sparkly, colourful lampshade was made as a baby shower pressie for one of Kim's friends. Not many people go to the trouble of creating a handmade gift these days. When I receive a handmade gift I am so thrilled that someone has put aside precious time to create something just for me.

hippy light lampshade baby shower 3Chooks lampshade making supplies

A lampshade to light up a dark corner

This sweet little lamp reminds me of Pantone colour squares. By choosing a bright fabric this lamp brightens up a dark corner in Kim's bedroom. I love the little earring tree underneath too.

drum bedside light lampshade pantone inspiration 3Chooks lampshade making supplies

Thank you Kim!

Thank you Kim for sharing your lampshades, your antique Japanese framed treasures and of course LollyPop with us. It is wonderful to see and learn what creative people can do and to be inspired to keep on creating and making things that will make us smile, evoke memories, and fulfill our crafty cravings. Your creativity is beautifully captured in your home.

Happy lampshade making!

Can you keep up with Kim's industrious creativity? Head to my lampshade making supplies page to stock up now ;-)

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