NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT - Double Sided Lampshade Paper

Introducing Double Sided Lampshade Paper

Exciting news! You can now line the inside of your lampshades and make double-sided lampshades using our latest product offering - double sided lampshade paper.
Simply cut your inside fabric to the same size as your lampshade paper template, then cover your outside with fabric as usual making sure to leave a 1.5cm fabric overhang. And proceed as normal.
Oooh the possibilities! 
Here are a few ideas for your inspiration...I haven't made any yet using this method...stay tuned for 3Chooks pics. 


Canterbury Drapes ChCh NZ
By Canterbury Drapes NZ 
Elves & Pixies UK
By Elves & Pixies UK
ShadowBright Lamps
By Shadowbright Lamps UK
Gorilla Lampshade ByMarie
By ByMarie

What will you make? 

I'm planning to get very busy on the double-sided front over the next few weeks...stand by for updates! 


  • Features adhesive on both sides
  • The plastic / styrene is 400 microns in thickness
  • 70cm wide
  • Colour: white
  • Fire resistant and has passed the Glow Wire Test carried out by the Lighting Association (UK).
  • Made in the UK

Happy lampshade making!

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