NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT - Double Sided Lampshade Paper

Introducing Double Sided Lampshade Paper

Exciting news! You can now line the inside of your lampshades and make double-sided lampshades using our latest product offering - double sided lampshade paper.
Simply cut your inside fabric to the same size as your lampshade paper template, then cover your outside with fabric as usual making sure to leave a 1.5cm fabric overhang. And proceed as normal.
Oooh the possibilities! 
Here are a few ideas for your inspiration...I haven't made any yet using this method...stay tuned for 3Chooks pics. 


Canterbury Drapes ChCh NZ
By Canterbury Drapes NZ 
Elves & Pixies UK
By Elves & Pixies UK
ShadowBright Lamps
By Shadowbright Lamps UK
Gorilla Lampshade ByMarie
By ByMarie

What will you make? 

I'm planning to get very busy on the double-sided front over the next few weeks...stand by for updates! 


  • Features adhesive on both sides
  • The plastic / styrene is 400 microns in thickness
  • 70cm wide
  • Colour: white
  • Fire resistant and has passed the Glow Wire Test carried out by the Lighting Association (UK).
  • Made in the UK

Happy lampshade making!

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  • Hi 3Chooks

    I have two lamp bases made from cartwheel hubs (which my mother purchased in the 50s at a clearance sale from her grandfather’s general store in Maitland) that desperately need new, flattering shades, but I’m all thumbs when it comes to fabrics and craft. Can you recommend anyone in Brisbane who might be up to the task?

    Also, I love the idea of double-sided lamp paper. Where do I find what you have available?


    David Rogers

    David Rogers

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